Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

We’re open 7 days a week 8am-8pm.

Can I shop at the store if I’m not an owner?

YES! EVERYONE is welcome at Green Top Grocery. Owners get special benefits and we’d love for you to become an owner, but you certainly don’t have to be an owner to shop at Green Top. Check out ownership benefits here (link to owner benefit page).

How do I become an owner?

Click here to become an owner today! All owners contribute $200 for an equity share. This amount is payable in one lump sum or in installments, and an accessibility fund is available to help offset ownership costs if needed.  Ownership benefits will apply to everyone in the household with one person designated as the owner of record. The owner of record has the right to vote and serve on the board. Multiple ownerships can be purchased by members of the same household if multiple members of your household want the right to vote or serve on the board.

What are the benefits of becoming an owner?

Being an owner of Green Top Grocery comes with a lot of great perks including financial and democratic benefits! Do you like saving money, hanging out with like minded people, and having a say at what happens at YOUR store? If so, ownership is for you. Learn more about owner benefits here.

What impact does Green Top have on the Farmers Market and other locally owned grocers?

Our local farmers are very excited about Green Top, as it provides them yet another venue to sell their wares. Currently, many of our farmers sell to other cooperatives (like Common Ground Food Co-op in Urbana) and stores in Chicago and they would love to have another store closer to home. In addition, towns with grocery co-ops generally see an increase in Farmers’ Market traffic since more local food availability raises awareness and demand for local products. Farmers’ Markets and food cooperatives are a positive partnership that benefits everyone.

When is the deadline to become an owner?

We’ll never stop taking owners! It’s never too late to become an owner. Join us today!

How does a co-op support the local community?

Co-ops keep economic benefits within our community by creating jobs and supporting local producers and suppliers. Profit is not siphoned off by outside interests and profit is never put before the needs of owners. We’re committed to strengthening and and supporting a healthy, vibrant community. We want to be your one-stop grocery store as well as your go to for a great lunch lunch, a cooking class or to socialize with friends! We also want to do our part to support other organizations that make our community a great place to live. Learn more about the organizations we support here.

Is Green Top Grocery a farmers’ market?

Green Top Grocery is a full service grocer with all the departments you’d expect to find including produce, grocery, meat, dairy, bulk, deli, wellness, and wine and beer. Learn more about our departments here.

How is Green Top Grocery different from every other grocery store in town?

There are lots of ways we are different…but the primary reasons are ownership and product selection. Green Top Grocery is community owned, that means YOU can own Green Top (if you don’t already!) by purchasing shares in the co-op. Local ownership means profits stay in our community and that you get a vote in how your store operate. In addition, you’ll find a unique product selection at Green Top Grocery where we specialize in local.  Other grocers may advertise ‘local’ but at Green Top you’ll know that local means a 100-mile radius of Bloomington, IL.

I have special dietary needs. Will the co-op carry items I need?

At Green Top you can expect products to fit a wide variety of dietary needs and clear labeling to identify those products. We take the guesswork and research out of grocery shopping and want to make your shopping experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible! Don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! We may be able to special order the product you are looking for.

What if I have question that is not answered here?

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have! You can contact us by filling out our contact form.

How big is Green Top Grocery?

Total square footage: 10,196 square feet
Retail square footage: 6,600 square feet

What local products will be on the shelves at Green Top?

Green Top Grocery defines “local” as a 100-mile radius from Bloomington and offers products from over 30 producers including, but not limited to: Above Normal Eggs, Adam’s Acre, Central Lean, Coffee Hound, Coil Farms, Dearing Country Farms, Destihl, Farmer in Odell, Feather Lane Farms,  Grandma Cooky, Hazzard Free Farm, Honey DEW Acres Farm, Huelskoeters Pork Farm, Ioerger Family Farms, Kelley’s Gourmet, Kilgus Farms, Legacy of the Land, Ludwig Farmstead Creamery, O’Rourke Family Gardens, Pekara Bakery, PrairiErth Farms, Prairie Fruits Farm,  RGW Candy Company, Ropp Jersey Cheese, Sasse’s Apiary, Severson Farms, Sunset Lake Vineyards & Winery, TJ’s Poultry, Triple S, Triptych Brewing, Umland’s Pure Dry Cheese, Witzig, and Wolf Creek Farm.

Can I volunteer at Green Top?

Green Top will staff our store with highly trained, well paid individuals who can answer all of your questions. Because providing good jobs is important to us, we will not be utilizing volunteers in the store. Volunteer opportunities will exist on committees and board work, but volunteers will not be utilized to staff the store. To volunteer on a committee or learn more about our board of directors roles click here.

How do I sign up to get your newsletter and sales fliers?

Sign up here on our home page.

What is a food desert?

Green Top Grocery’s location is located in a food desert. A food desert is defined by the USDA in simplified terms as a low income census tract that has low access to a healthy food retail outlet which is further defined as more than 1 mile from a supermarket or large grocery store. More information about Food Deserts can be found on the USDA website.

How does this location help give people access to local, healthy, affordable food?

Our location provide access to healthy, local food to a population that currently does not have a large grocery store or supermarket within one mile. Throughout the development of Green Top Grocery, providing access to healthy food has been of paramount importance. Green Top is an access point to healthy food AND a community space where community members can learn more about the food that comes from the rich soil right out our back doors.

What if I’m a local farmer or producer, can I sell my products at Green Top Grocery?

At Green Top Grocery we are always looking for products that will excite our customers and align with our values as a trusted retailer of local and natural products. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you, review your products, and discuss a potential partnership. Learn more here.