Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center
Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center, located in The Center for Integrated Wellness, is based on the progressive concept that a healthy mind, body, and soul are essential to true wellness. The Advocate BroMenn Health & Fitness Center will be unlike any gym or health facility in McLean County. At our comprehensive facility, we are focused on promoting whole-person health and well-being for each member. We achieve this by establishing a medical fitness approach that uses the synergies between exercise professionals and health care providers for the best possible program for you. This fitness center is open to the public and includes three group exercise studios, 1/9MI track, 2 pools, hot tub, finely appointed locker rooms with towel service and TechnoGym Cardio and weight equipment. For more information on how to join, call 309.433.WELL (9355) ​or email!
1111 Trinity Lane, Suite 120
Bloomington, IL 61704
309-433-WELL (9355)
Best Of Mother Earth/Shaklee Independent Distributor
I offer guidance In wellness things. Specifically, I help folks just like you decide which high quality nutritional supplements to take and why. I educate on wellness topics. I consult those who want to take on a path of well being. My product brand of choice is Shaklee – I choose this brand for it’s efficacy and quality. You can too. Are you curious about prevention/ alternative or non-medical approaches to your health and well being? Do you value premium very high quality nutritional supplements? Would you appreciate a resource and a champion for your path of wellness? Let me help!!
One of my successful community workshops is a “health it up” fridge and pantry makeover!! I will reduce my fee by 50% for this informative, insightful, and for some who might have a volume of shifts to make, alarming workshop!! Folks must be ready to make some changes! This workshop works for groups also!
Karen Hanrahan
703 S Allin St.

Bloomington, IL
Endurance Company
Endurance Company
Endurance Company is a multi-sport coaching business.
Joe Company
Bloomington IL. 61701
Energy Healing for All
Energy Healing for All
I provide Reiki energy healing for animals and people in Bloomington-Normal and surrounding areas.
Green Top owners get $5 off a Reiki session for them or their pet!
Angie Webster
Green Leaf Massage
Green Leaf Massage
Green Leaf Massage is a client centered massage therapy studio located in Uptown Normal. It is locally owned and operated by Jamey Spain, LMT and RN. Green Leaf Massage’s mission is to achieve therapeutic results and to inspire good self-care with each and every personalized session. Jamey Spain specifically specializes in the 90 minute massage through which she integrates deep relaxation with focused work techniques. Depending on the intention of the session, her work calls upon her training in a variety of bodywork styles including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, orthopedic, sports, precision neuromuscular therapy, acupressure, trigger point therapy and clinical massage.

Aromatherapy can be added to any session. In addition to massage therapy services, Green Leaf

Massage will now be carrying useful self-care products, including Real Time Pain Relief, a topical

homeopathic lotion used to revitalize muscles and joints and to target pain and inflammation. More

information will soon be available on Green Leaf’s website.
Jamey Spain
706 E Oglesby Ave, Normal IL 61761
Move. Pilates & Yoga
Move. Pilates & Yoga
Move. Pilates & Yoga is proud to be Bloomington-Normal’s only fully equipped Pilates studio. Owned by Pilates instructors Georgia Thomson and Jennie Durchholz, Move. offers a variety of group classes as well as private training. Move.’s skillful and motivating instructors are professionally trained in Pilates through Balanced Body, one of the leading educators in the industry. The instructors take pride in planning classes to best fit the needs and requests of clients, and ensuring each class is different and unique from the last. Smaller class sizes allow instructors to offer individualized attention while providing modifications and challenges, resulting in classes that are appropriate for all levels of experience. We are excited to support Green Top Grocery as we work together to build a healthier community!
Jennie Durchholz and Georgia Thomson
712 E Empire
Bloomington, IL 61701
Muscle Artistry
Muscle Artistry
Muscle Artistry will change the way you think about massage. Muscle Artistry combines a passion for art, the study of the human body and wellness to provide a unique therapeutic massage experience based on your individual needs. During your session Jen will use a variety of massage modalities to aid in the best results for you. Jen’s background in education and exceptional customer service, provides an experience grounded on listening to your needs and developing a course of treatment that is what you want and that will work best for your individual needs. Muscle Artistry’s goal is to sculpt a better you by giving you the treatment and experience you deserve. Jen’s goal for you is to be the best you can be. Whether it is to relax, help with your pain management or to simply take time out for yourself and manage the stresses of life, Muscle Artistry will sculpt a better you.
$15 off their initial visit. Must show their owner card to receive discount.
Jen Studebaker
716 E. Empire St. Suite F
MyLeanBody Boot Camp
MyLeanBody Boot Camp
BLOOMINGTON-NORMAL’S ORIGINAL FITNESS BOOT CAMP FOR WOMEN Join TODAY! Come and find out what everyone is talking about. You will love the workout, the amazing group of women, and the way you feel when you leave. Space is limited, secure your spot in the most talked about boot camp in town. Are you ready to change your life for the better? MyLeanBody Boot Camp is your answer. Boot Camp workouts are fun and high-intensity. MyLeanBody Boot Camp is a positive, motivating environment that will help you reach your goals. You don’t have to feel self-conscious, or worry that someone is looking at you, like you might at a big gym. You will be taught correct form so you get stronger and don’t get hurt. You will be encouraged and cheered on at each and every class. Tell me what you want to accomplish, and I will help you get there. MyLeanBody Boot Camp is not just an exercise class. It is a healthy lifestyle that will make you feel amazing. You will learn proper nutrition, you will have more energy, and you will get stronger. Your life is about to change for the better. Your pants will begin to fit looser. Your stomach will get flatter and your thighs will get thinner. You will have more energy all day, and you will gain strength and functionality for your everyday life. The MyLeanBody Boot Camp program is working out with a personal trainer each day, getting better results than at a gym, and having fun with your friends.
1 Week Free! Come to as many sessions as you want in a week! Our workout sessions are women only and only 45 minutes in duration.
Emily Reynolds
403 Bronco Drive, Unit 2
Bloomington, IL 61704
Purely Essential
Purely Essential
I empower families to take control of their health through natural remedies, harnessing the therapeutic properties of plants. Call me for a sample of our Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils!
Green Top owners receive 10% off any order. Just mention you’re an owner when ordering!
Vikki Baptiste
309 533 2099
Tonya Keach Yoga and Wellness
Tonya Keach, certified in Kripalu and prenatal yoga, began practicing yoga in 1997 and teaching classes in 2001. Her classes blend postures & breathing, as well as reflection, intention, and the occasional chanting. Tonya’s classes guide students to trust their boundless inner wisdom and surrender to the flow of life moving through them, as them. Students are inspired to carry the peace of their practice into their lives, and into the world. Tonya also has an alternative medicine practice using the BodyTalk System. By using applied kinesiology, Tonya is able to create a dialog between herself and her client’s innate wisdom. This innate wisdom guides the session so that specific areas that need repair can be revealed and addressed. Communication is then reestablished between these points by tapping over the head and heart. (Think download and save). It is a simple but powerful technique that makes for lasting changes rather than short term fixes. Tonya opened her BodyTalk practice in 2005. Since then her clients have seen improvements in: insomnia, chronic pain, allergies, sports performance, memory, stroke recovery, childbirth preparation, mood disorders, and countless other areas.
Tonya Keach
305 East Front St.

Bloomington, IL 61701