Green Top Grocery is a cooperative grocery store. That means it will be an independent, democratically operated organization that is owned and financed by those who purchase ownership shares.

The first 500 owners were our ‘Founding Owners’ because they were the visionaries investing in the dream of a community-owned store in order to make it a reality. Now that we have surpassed 500 owners, GTG needs your help to continue our mission of creating a cooperatively owned business that cultivates personal, environmental, and economic well-being through a commitment to ethical practices, financial accessibility, fair wages, community education, and the support of local and sustainable farmers and producers. The benefits and rewards for getting in on the ground level for an initiative like Green Top are incalculable. We look forward to having you join our growing number of owners!

“You will never regret being part of something amazing.”
— Katie Micetik Bishop, owner #001

Become an Owner

Learn more about why becoming an owner will help ensure Green Top’s success and how your votes will
set the direction for Green Top far into the future, including our values, goals, store location, owner
benefits, and the products, programs, and services offered.

If you want to see Green Top Grocery become a reality, then become an owner today! There are several payment plans and financial aid options available.

Payment Plans

While full payment up-front is great for building Green Top’s equity, we realize it will not work for everyone. If you want to be an owner of Green Top, we want to make sure it’s affordable, so we also offer monthly and quarterly payment plans.

  • Option 1: $60 down payment and 3 $50 quarterly payments
  • Option 2: $30 down payment and 9 $20 monthly payments

Financial Accessibility Grants

We also offer Financial Accessibility grants for any community member who wants to be part of the Green Top community but can’t currently afford the $200 equity payment. We have funds in our grant fund and hope anyone who has need of assistance will take advantage of this option:

  • Option 1: $20 down and 4 additional $20 annual payments
  • Option 2: $5 down and 19 additional $5 monthly payments