When you become an owner of Green Top Grocery, you actually become part of something special. Green Top is owned and operated by people just like you – members of the community willing to work together to provide access to local, healthy food.

Co-ops exist to serve the needs of the owners rather than to generate a profit. When the co-op does make a profit, it is cycled back into Green Top or if sufficient profit is made, it is given back to the owners in the form of a Patronage Dividend.

Your ownership investment in the co-op is what makes Green Top Grocery community-owned! It provides working capital and is not a fee, or dues, but an actual share of Green Top Grocery. This also means it can be sold back to us at any time. Ownership is a one-time investment of $200. We know $200 is not small chunk of change.

Co-op ownership is voluntary and all shoppers are welcome at Green Top.

Owner Benefits

Being an owner of Green Top Grocery comes with a lot of great perks including financial and democratic benefits! Do you like saving money, hanging out with like minded people, and having a say at what happens at YOUR store? If so, ownership is for you. To learn more about ownership benefits, click here.

Payment Plans

At Green Top we want ownership to be affordable for everyone! That’s why we’ve developed the following option:

10 Month Subscription Plan: Down payment of $30, plus 9 monthly payments of $20 each.

Total payment of $200, plus a $10 administrative fee.

Financial Assistance

The Green Top Grocery Financial Assistance Fund (administered through the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation) allows owners to make tax deductible donations to help make ownership affordable for everyone. The subsidized plans mentioned below are made possible through donations to this fund.

  • 20 Month Subsidized Plan: $5 per month for 20 months (total payment of $100, plus Financial Assistance funds of $100).
  • Deferred Payment Plan: One-time payment of $20. The remaining equity payments will be paid out of your future patronage dividends.