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Fruits and vegetables are a major part of a healthy and well-rounded diet – and adding variety is as just as essential as quantity. No particular fruit or veggies will provide each of the nutrients your body needs to remain healthy. Try to eat sufficient and varied amounts every day.

A diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables can help to lower your blood pressure, reduce risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, prevent various forms of cancer, lessen risk of visual and digestive issues and also have a positive influence on blood sugar that will moderate your appetite and reduce excess eating.

If you’re trying to lose weight, make fruits and vegetables that don’t contain a lot of starch part of your daily diet, such as pears, apples and leafy, green vegetables.

While it’s easy to make recommendations, we understand that truly committing ourselves to a healthier lifestyle can be easier said than done. Here are a few practical tips that can help you improve your diet with more of the fresh, organic produce you can find on the shelves at our Grocery Store Bloomington IL:

-Store fruits in a place where you’ll see it. Put several washed and ready-to-eat fruits in a basket or bowl. Or, keep chopped fresh fruits in a glass container in your refrigerator in case you get a sweet tooth and go looking for snacks.
-Take some time to check out the produce section at Grocery Store Bloomington IL and try something new. Color and variety are vital to a balanced diet. In general, try to eat one serving from at least each of these categories:

-Orange, red or yellow fruits and vegetables.
-Leafy, dark greens.
-Beans and peas
-Citrus fruits.

Also, choose some vegetables that have multiple nutrients and carbohydrates that are easily digested.

Grocery Store Bloomington IL – Green Top Grocery

Looking to add some organic produce to your grocery list? Our Grocery Store Bloomington IL has a wide selection of fresh organic tomatoes.

Adding organic tomatoes to your shopping cart is an excellent way to start improving your diet. Plus, the delicious flavors they provide make tomatoes an important part of many recipes that you and your household can enjoy.

The main health benefits of tomatoes include:
-They contain lots of nutrients.
-Tomatoes are promote healthy skin.
-They’re a good source of lycopene and are loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals.

Lycopene is a substance in tomatoes that provides them with their red coloring. It also helps to protect them against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. That quality also helps protect the cells in your body against damage. In addition, tomatoes contain potassium along with vitamins B E and other beneficial nutrients.

Get Fresh Tomatoes at Our Grocery Store Bloomington IL – Green Top Grocery

Just one tomato can supply approximately 40 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C. A naturally occurring antioxidant, vitamin C prevents free radicals from causing damage to bodily systems. Also, tomatoes contain vitamin A as well as potassium and iron. Potassium plays a critical part in maintaining a healthy nervous system, while iron is important for promoting good circulation.

-Tomatoes may help ease the digestion process. Another key benefit to tomatoes is that they have properties that help maintain a healthy digestive tract by preventing the development of gastrointestinal problems.

Furthermore, because tomatoes contain fiber, they help add useful bulk to the bowels and ease the uncomfortable symptoms of chronic constipation. Healthy amounts of fiber serve to aid in the function of smooth-surface digestive muscle tissues and may also release digestive and gastric juices. This can provide regulation to your system, which improves your digestive health in general and protects against other health problems.

Stock up on fresh produce at Green Top Grocery, we’re your Grocery Store Bloomington IL!