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    SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT: For the purpose of facilitating access to consumer goods by providing necessary capital funds for operating a retail food store, and to acquire an ownership interest in the Cooperative. The ownership interest hereby subscribed for is intended to confer the right to purchase consumer goods at owner prices and to participate in the governance of the Cooperative in accordance with its bylaws. The shares to be acquired hereby will entitle the holder to no dividends or other monetary return on capital, will be nontransferable except to the Cooperative, will be redeemable only in limited circumstances in accordance with the bylaws of the Cooperative, and will be subject to other terms and conditions in the bylaws of the Cooperative. The capital funds remitted hereby are intended to be used for initial capital, start-up expenditures, future improvements, and other capital needs of the Cooperative. All such capital funds are subject to the risks inherent in any enterprise of this character and may result in the loss of part or all of such funds. Persons who cannot afford to incur such losses should not subscribe to purchase shares **Please allow 7 days for processing. An associate will contact you once processed.**

    Please choose among the following options. Please contact us if none of these options work for you. We want everyone to feel welcome at Green Top Grocery.
  • Payment Options


    If you would like to do the installment option, please visit Green Top today so we can put that in place for you. Down payment of $20, plus nine monthly payments of $20 each (total payment of $200)
  • *Please allow 7 days for processing. An associate will contact you once processed.

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