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SPEND $1, GET $1

to Buy More Fresh Fruits & Veggies from your Food Co-op

About Our LINK Match Program
LINK Match is a nutrition incentive program developed to help LINK/EBT/SNAP users purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables. Vouchers are available at Green Top Grocery daily, as funds allow, and are redeemable while funds are available.

How It’s Funded
The LINK Match program is funded through contributions made by our shoppers through the Round-Up at the Register Program and grant contributions.

How It Works
Spend $1 on food items with your EBT card, and you’ll receive a $1 voucher to spend on more fruits and vegetables on your next trip to Green Top Grocery. These vouchers work like cash Limit $10.00 per EBT account per day.

If you’re interested in learning more about participation or have questions regarding our LINK Match program, visit the registers or contact us via phone at (309)306-1523.