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Grocery Stores Near Me Bloomington IL

Grocery Stores Near Me Bloomington IL

Central Illinois consumers are searching for ways to eat healthier, so they need more information on where their foods come from and how it’s grown.

There are many reasons to select organic foods at Grocery Stores Near Me Bloomington IL like Green Top Grocery rather than over conventionally-grown products from giant big box stores.

Basically, organic foods are grown without using synthetic chemicals and they do not include GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Organic foods can be grains, fruits, meats, vegetables or dairy.

Organic farms can be large or small, and they must adhere to the requirements set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in order to quality for the organic label. Organic farms work to reduce pollution, offer a safe place for farm animals and promote a cycle of self-sustaining.

-Organic meats. In contrast to “conventional” factory-farmed meat, organic meats are raised without the injection of hormones and antibiotics. Organic beef, for example, is typically raised on a diet consisting of corn, grains and grazing upon grass.

Organic livestock isn’t fed GMOs. The USDA mandates that organic livestock must be raised in ways that replicate their own natural behaviors to prevent them from being confined in small spaces for lengthy periods of time.

-Certified Organic Foods at Grocery Stores Near Me Bloomington IL. With various natural and organic labels on many food products, it can become confusing for consumers to know what to purchase. The guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture includes the following standards for organic labels:

-100 percent organic. This labelling is used for certified organic food that has one or multiple ingredients if all of them are certified as organic, with the exception of water and for salt. These foods may feature a USDA seal.

-Organic. Foods may have the organic labeled when a minimum of 95 percent of its ingredients are certified as organic, except water and salt. The items which are not organic must be sourced from a USDA listing of approved ingredients.