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Grocery Stores Near Me Normal IL

Grocery Stores Near Me Normal IL

There are many advantages to basing your diet on the organic foods available at Grocery Stores Near Me Normal IL for your own wellness as well as for the environment around you. Organic farms follow far more rigid codes of conduct and operational procedures than many conventional farmers including:

-Meat and dairy products are free of hormones. Organic food does not contain hormones. Some conventional farming operations may inject their livestock with growth hormones in order to produce more milk and meat quickly.

The results may include a higher risk of cancer among people who consume those products.

-More beneficial nutrients. Industry research indicates that organic foods include greater amounts of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, including more anti-oxidants in fruits and veggies.

-Helps reduce the risks of cancer. Because there are no synthetic pesticides within organic food, there is a lower chance of developing cancer from consuming it.

-More healthy omega-three fatty acids in eggs and meat. Organic dairy and meat products at Grocery Stores Near Me Normal IL contain more nutrients like omega-three fatty acids that helps regulate blood pressure, reduces risks of stroke and heart attacks and can even improve vision and brain function.

-Ingesting less chemicals. By basing your diet on organic fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meats, you will stop consuming the many chemicals permitted in the production of non-organic food.

-Greater environmental sustainability. Organic farming practices are aimed at reducing pollution, using less energy and saving water in comparison to non-organic practices.

-No more sewer sludge. To use the organic label on their products, farms cannot use sewage sludge as a form of fertilizer.