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Organic Food Near Me Normal IL

Organic Food Near Me Normal IL

Why go organic? From a healthier lifestyle to providing support to ecologically-beneficial agricultural practices, there are many positive reasons to base your household’s daily diet on the Organic Food Near Me Normal IL available at Green Top Grocery in nearby Bloomington.

-Livestock treatments are more humane. Organic farming locations must comply with certain standards in their handling of animals. For instance, organically-raised livestock require year-round accessibility to outdoor space, room for exercise, dry and clean bedding, sufficient shelter and access to clean water.

They may not be raised at factory farms that include inhumane, crowded conditions.

-Organic farming operations reduce soil erosion. Organic farms increase the health of the soil they use while help to reduce erosion.

-Supports efforts to conserve water. Organic farms help to keep local waterways clear of pollutants. As much as 40 percent of synthetic fertilizers utilized at conventional, large-scale farms make their way into surface and ground waters, which pollutes lakes, rivers and oceans.

-Supportive of ethical and responsible farming methods. Organic farms meet firm requirements in order to place the “organic” label on their produce. When you shop Organic Food Near Me Normal IL, you’ll supporting these hard-working farmers!

-Helps fight against climate change. They produce much less greenhouse gases and organic farming also creates healthier soil that doesn’t require as much water and pollute it with chemical contaminants. Additionally, organically-grown foods aren’t treated with chemical preservatives during shipment.

Conventional farming factories will frequently ship foods hundreds of miles or even longer and must chemically treat their products in order to preserve them.

-It’s just fresher! Organic fruits and vegetables tends to be grown locally and must travel far shorter distances to the marketplace.