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Organic Foods Normal IL

You’ve probably heard the term “organic” in reference to fruits, vegetables, meats and other grocery store staples. Organic simply refers to the methods in which agricultural producers grow and process their products. Although the regulations can differ from one country to the next, organic farm crops in the United States have to be grown without using pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic herbicides or bioengineered genes (also known as GMOs).

Organically raised livestock for the purposes of dairy products, eggs and meat must be in living conditions that accommodate their natural behavior patterns (like the ability to freely graze on pastures). In addition, organic livestock must be fed organic feeds and forage and cannot be given animal by-products, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Organic Foods Normal IL

Regulations for organic produce include:

The way in which the foods you consume is grown and raised has a significant can impact upon your emotional and mental state as well as the environment itself. Organic Foods Normal IL frequently have more nutrients that are very beneficial – such as antioxidants – in comparison to traditionally-grown foods. People who struggle with allergies to chemicals, preservatives and certain foods may discover that their unpleasant symptoms diminish or even go away completely when they convert to a diet of Organic Foods Normal IL.

Some of the benefits of Organic Foods Normal IL are:

-Organically-grown produce simply contains far less pesticides than produce that is grown using convention methods. Chemicals like herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fungicides are widely utilized in conventional farming. Consequently, residues can remain not just on the surface but actually within the foods we eat.

-Often, organic foods are fresher since it does not have preservatives added to make them last longer. Organic vegetables, for instance, are sometimes sourced from smaller farming operations closer to where they are sold.

-Another benefit is that the practices of organic farming is typically better for the surrounding environment. They help reduce pollutants, use water efficiently, enhance the fertility of the soil, help limit soil erosion and consume less energy. Plus, farming without the use of synthetic pesticides is better for animals and bird life in the area – and also for humans living near the farms too!

-Livestock that is raised with organic practices are not administered hormones, antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products. This is because feeding them animal byproducts can elevate the risks of mad cow disease. Furthermore, using antibiotics can develop bacteria that actually becomes resistant to the antibiotics. Organically-raised livestock tends to be provided with plenty of outside space to allow for more movement, which serves to keep them healthier.

-Organic Foods Normal IL are free of genetically modified organisms. Genetically engineered foods are basically plants with DNA that’s been changed in ways that don’t occur naturally or through conventional crossbreeding.

If you are considering the switch to a diet of Organic Foods Normal IL, you’ll definitely want to stop in at Green Top Grocery. At our convenient location on East Washington Street in Bloomington, you find a great selection of organics to choose from – come and see us!