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Organic Fruits Near Me Bloomington IL

Organic Fruits Near Me Bloomington IL

Searching for Organic Fruits Near Me Bloomington IL? We’ve got a giant selection of quality fruits from our favorite organic farms! Check out these fun recipes you can enjoy after stocking on fresh produce at the Green Top Grocer:

Cherry and Zucchini Salad


-One-half cup dark cherries, pitted and sliced into quarters.
-One zucchini.
-One-quarter cup pomegranates.
-One-quarter cup of red onions, chopped.
-Two tablespoons of your preferred raspberry vinaigrette.
-Enough feta cheese for topping the salad.

Preparation time: five minutes, serves two.

-Use a spiralizer to form the zucchini into noodles, place in a large bowl for mixing.
-Add the cherries, onion, pomegranate and raspberry vinaigrette with zucchini noodles.
-Mix the ingredients thoroughly
-Divide the mixture into two servings and top it with the feta cheese.

Red, White & Blue Cookies

-Sugar cookie dough.
-A fruit, cream cheese dip.
-One cup of pitted, chopped dark cherries.
-One cup of Organic Fruits Near Me Bloomington IL blueberries, rinsed thoroughly and dried.
-One tablespoon of strawberry or raspberry jam.

-Bake the sugar cookies, following directions on the package.
-Allow the cookies time to cool off.
-Then, frost the cookies with the cream cheese dip. (Vanilla frosting can serve as a suitable replacement.)
-Toss the blueberries and cherries with strawberry or raspberries jam to make the glaze.
-Use spoonfuls of fruit glaze to top the frosted cookies.

At the Green Top Grocer, we enjoy stocking our shelves with a selection of quality Organic Fruits Near Me Bloomington IL that is tough to find anywhere else! Come to our store on East Washington Street to check out the array of apples, cherries, pears, strawberries, melons, bananas, mangos, plums, blueberries, oranges and lots more.